Factors to Consider when looking for the Best Place to sell iPhone

Are you looking for the best place to sell iPhone? Then there are things that you need to consider. Ideally, your goal is to find a buyer that is willing to give you the most money for your device. However, knowing where you can find such a buyer for your iPhone can be tricky because there are many places that you can visit. Each place differs and it offers a different price and method of selling iPhones. Our experts have taken an extra step and come up with guidelines for choosing the best place where you can sell your iPhone.

How it works

The first thing that you need to consider is how the place that you are thinking about works. For instance, how do you use an online service that you are thinking of to sell your iPhone? Some services require you to list your device and set a fixed price for it while others requires you to take bids from prospective buyers. It is important that you consider such factors because they will determine the suitability of the service to you. Other services or companies will simply buy your device after assessing its condition.


Some places where you can sell your iPhone require you to set a fixed price for the device. Others allow you to set a price but allow prospective buyers to bargain for the device. This means that the price at which you sell your device will be determined by the negotiation between you and the potential buyer. Therefore, know the price at which you want to sell your iPhone and the amount that you can get by choosing a particular service and use it in selling your iPhone.


Do not choose any service that you come across on the internet once you make the decision to sell your iPhone. It is important that you perform some background check of the service that you are thinking about. This is very important because you do not want to lose your device by sending it to a company that is not genuine. Therefore, take time to read reviews on iphone that other people have written after selling it in sellshark.com/sell/iphone to  sell their iPhones.


Perhaps, you want to sell your iPhone so that you can get money to buy the latest iPhone model. This implies that you do not want to wait for months to receive the payment of your iPhone once you send it to the buyer. Therefore, look for a service that ensures efficiency for the entire transaction.

Terms and conditions

There are terms and conditions that most services that enable people to sell their iPhones require them to meet. It is highly important that you consider these terms and conditions while selling your iPhone. Read and understand them to avoid trouble in the future if you mistakenly breach them.

Generally, these are the major factors that you should consider when looking for the best place to sell iPhone. We are a professional iPhone sale service that has enabled many people to sell their used iPhones at high prices. Use our service to get the best deal on your iPhone.


How do I Sell My iPhone? – Tips for selling iPhone at the Best Price Possible

How can I sell my iPhone at the best price possible? This is a question that some people ask when it comes to selling of the old iPhone to get the latest model. Although you are selling your old iPhone so that you can buy the latest model, you still want to get the best money for the value of your iPhone. This is why you should know how to sell your device to ensure that you do not feel that the buyer has ripped you off later.

Unlock the iPhone

Selling an iPhone that can be used on any carrier or anywhere is likely to attract more buyers and sell at a higher price. This is because an unlocked iPhone can be used in any region and by anyone. Such a phone is likely to attract resellers and travelers who usually operate internationally. Therefore, if the iPhone that you want to sell is locked to a given carrier, make sure that it is unlocked before you present it to prospective buyers. The cost of unlocking your iPhone is worth because unlocking your device will enable you to increase its resale value.

Backup the phone

Before selling your iPhone, ensure that you have backup the data in it. This is the only way you can ensure that your data is secured and safe. Once you get a new iPhone, you will be able to restore your data to the new iPhone. You can backup data using iCloud automatically. However, you can perform a manual backup to ensure that everything is updated.

Erase personal data

Are you still asking, how do I sell my iPhone? Then you have most probably not thought about what you need to do before selling the iPhone. It is important that you erase all data in the iPhone that you want to sell. This is very important because the data in your iPhone can be used against you, friends and relatives if it gets on the wrong hands. Therefore, erase all data in your phone before you sell it.

Clean its casing

Remember that the look of your iPhone is very important and it will determine who will be interested in buying it. Therefore, take time to clean the phone from the outside. Ensure that you have removed all oil, lint, dirt and other stains as well as debris from your iPhone. This is important especially before taking photos that you will post as part of the description of the iPhone that you will be selling.

Sell the iPhone

Once you have backed up data, erased it and cleaned the device, it is now time to sell it. Make sure that you have all accessories of the iPhone with you. This includes cases and cables. When selling the iPhone, you have several options to consider. Be ready to hassle because the less the work you do, the lower the amount of money you get from the phone. Therefore, instead of asking where do I sell my iPhone conduct some research of the market when certain that your device is ready for the market to identify the best place to sell it.

How Much Can I sell my iPhone 4 for? – Get a Detailed Experts’ Answer

If you have an iPhone 4 that you want to sell, you might pose and ask how much can I sell my iPhone 4 for? This is a question that many people ask when it comes to selling iPhones. However, this is not a question that has a direct answer. The value of an iPhone 4 varies depending on several factors. If you want to know the worth of your iPhone 4, it is important that you consider such factors.

Condition of your iPhone 4

The condition of your device will determine the price at which you can sell it. For instance, if your device is damaged, you are likely to sell it at a relatively low price. Therefore, if your device has a shattered screen, have it replaced first. If it has a home button that is not working, have it fixed too. By having your device repaired, you will ask a higher price for it. Therefore, if you want to sell a broken iPhone 4, take it to a specialist that repairs damaged iPhones before you present it for sale.


When you offer your device for sale will influence the price at which you sell it. For instance, selling your device when Apple has just released a new iPhone model means that you will sell it at a low price. This is because there is a high supply of used iPhones on sale since more people are selling their used iPhones to purchase the latest models. Therefore, sell your iPhone when there is not cause of an increase in the secondhand iPhones in the market. This will enable you to ask a higher price for your iPhone because there will be low supply and high demand for secondhand iPhones.

Where you sell your iPhone 4

There are many places where you can sell your iPhone 4. This means that you should not confine yourself to the local options. Look for an online iPhone sale service that will enable you to get the best deal on your iPhone. We offer an iPhone sale service that aims at enabling people who want to sell their iPhones to get the best deal for their devices. Use our service if you do not know how much your iPhone is worth but you want to get the most money from it.

How you present your iPhone

How you present your device to the prospective buyers is very important. As such, it is important that you provide a description of the iPhone so that prospects can know what exactly they are paying for. Provide as much details as possible including the latest photos of your device. This will show prospective buyers that you are serious about selling your iPhone.

Basically, these are the main factors that determine the price at which you can sell your iPhone 4. Therefore, instead of asking how much can I sell my iPhone 4 for, assess your device to determine its condition then use our iPhone sale service to sell it.

Important iPhone 5 Sell Tips: A Guide on How to sell iPhone 5

You might want an iPhone 5 sell guide if you want to sell your iPhone 5 and upgrade to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Many mobile phone users tend to upgrade whenever there is a latest iPhone version in the market. However, just because you have used your iPhone 5, it does not mean that you should sell it at a throw away price. You can get a great deal by following certain guidelines to sell your iPhone.

Be honest

As you present your handset to prospective buyers, be as honest as you can. Tell your potential buyers the truth regarding the condition of your device. Avoid masking flaws of your iPhone or tell lies about it. Being honest with your prospects will prevent potential embarrassment and confrontations as well as save you time while selling your iPhone.

Provide contact information

It is not sensible to advertise your iPhone 5 then fail to provide your contact details that potential buyers will use to reach you. Therefore, include contact details in the ad such as email address. This will show prospects that you are serious in selling the device.

Emphasize on the use of text messages

If you include a phone number in your contact details, emphasize on the use of text messages instead of calls. This is very important since it will enable you to avoid the disturbance that can be caused by individuals that might call just to inquire about the obvious. Text messages will enable you to filter individuals that may not be seriously in need of the iPhone that you are selling. Thus, when you emphasize on texting you will most likely be contacted by serious buyers only.

Be assertive and friendly

It is important that you come out clearly while stating what you expect from the prospects. Let prospects know that you are not ready to take low offers. This will send a signal to prospective buyers that you are serious about what you are doing.

Use great photos

Photos are very important when it comes to selling an iPhone. Most people want to see what they are buying. Therefore, make sure that you have included great photos of your iPhone. Ensure that the photos indicate the details of the device that you want to sell clearly. It is important that you avoid using photos from other sources. Instead, take photos of your iPhone 5 from different angles.

Use the best iPhone sale service

The place where you sell your iPhone or the method that you use to sell the iPhone will greatly determine the amount of money that you make from it. Basically, you have many options when it comes to selling your iPhone. However, choose an option that enables you to get the best deal possible for your iPhone.

Generally, you do not have to let your iPhone 5 waste away in your home or office drawer just because you upgraded to iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Use these iPhone 5 sell tips to get the best deal on your device.